Building Information Modeling

BIM: a state-of-the-art methodology

Beaubois: always on the cutting edge of 3D modeling technology

Beaubois is a North American pioneer in the use of 3D technology. Thanks to its experienced team, the company can contribute to a project’s success, from the very start of the design stage.

Building Information Modeling, also referred to as BIM, is a cutting-edge technology that is based on collaboration between all project stakeholders. The process enables feasibility and potential conflicts between the various structures to be accurately assessed, even before they are fabricated.

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Beaubois integrates its three-dimensional model into a digital mock-up that includes all of the data supplied by the architects and consultants. Thus, potential conflicts that are virtually undetectable on paper are quickly and accurately exposed. The objective is to coordinate our work with all other trades so that the construction and installation phases take place seamlessly.

Innovation: We use Solid Edge, a three-dimensional software compatible with BIM modeling.

Collaboration: The project model integrate data from numerous contributors and ensure it is compatible.

A tried-and-true method

BIM methods have proven their worth. They provide both the clients and consultants with numerous benefits impacting the schedule, construction costs as well as the buildings’ long-term performance. BIM adds value.

Scheduling: Modeling saves an enormous amount of time by allowing conflicts to be handled before they even occur. And, since various construction elements can be pre-fabricated, the design life cycle is dramatically shortened.

Performance: As design progresses, all of the information such as energy calculations, air conditioning data and equipment placement, is entered. The model becomes a reference tool for the building’s operations.

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