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FSC® Certification (C103156)

Founded in 1993, the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization that has developed forest management principles and criteria that set the threshold for defining proper forest management. Well-managed, FSC® certified forests have undergone an independent management evaluation and demonstrated that they comply with FSC® principles and criteria.

Beaubois was one of the first companies to be FSC®-certified in the North American woodworking industry. This demonstrates our concern for the environment from the moment we acquire our basic material–wood.

The FSC® seal is a world reference and is now a requirement for an increasing number of materials used in the construction of sustainable buildings. With this seal, it is possible to track the origin of the wood directly to its source.

LEED® Certification

We are proud to have worked on many of LEED® certified projects and we are committed to helping clients find sustainable options for their architectural designs and building practices.

LEED® objectives:

  • To improve a building’s environmental and economic performance
  • To promote the use of proven and innovative practices, standards and technologies
  • To increase the well-being of occupants
  • To improve the quality of the environment in the whole community

Beaubois is committed to the construction of green buildings

ISO 9001:2015 Registration

Our Quality Management Program, used to guide our range of architectural woodworking projects, has been ISO 9001:2015 registered since 1996.

Through our Quality Policy, we strive to:

  • Master the art of architectural woodwork, carrying out high-end and complex projects.
  • Maintain strong relationships with our clients to truly understand their situation and expectations.
  • Ensure project management methods that provide certainty of outcome for our clients, through proficiency in all our operations.
  • Commitment to continually improving of our quality management system.


Beaubois is proud to hold so many recognized certifications in the industry.

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At Beaubois, we are proud to hold numerous certifications in the architectural industry. Our years of experience are backed by recognition from reputable organizations and industry boards.

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Our many prestigious certifications reflect our commitment to exceptional design, planning and building practices. You can trust your next major project to our skilled and talented teams. We are here for you.


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