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ARO 242 West 53rd Street

New York, New York

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ARO 242 West 53rd Street Residential Tower – modern lines & award-winning designs

Featuring top-to-bottom sleek facades and fluid, curved glass corners, this 62-story residential tower is located in New York’s dense Manhattan Midtown West district. The project, led by the illustrious CetraRuddy Architecture firm, has garnered several awards for exceptional interior design and architecture. The 468,300 square-foot tower includes over 400 apartments and high ceilings, providing transparency and light, as well as wide views of Manhattan, including Central Park and Hell’s Kitchen.

For Beaubois, working within tight timelines and a densely populated location demanded precise planning. The Beaubois team coordinated a crane-assisted materials delivery to the building’s 60th floor, requiring full road closures in bustling New York City.

The building’s interior now showcases a range of Beaubois work: high-gloss, smooth, sweeping lines and light tones. Expansive, curving polymer walls were heated and bent to hide all joints and create the illusion of infinite surfaces. The centerpiece of the main lobby is a stunning asymmetrical, horseshoe desk with a 10-foot backing, all made of stainless-steel and fumed larch. In the gym, bars and public spaces, Beaubois provided furniture, booths, columns, moldings, doors and paneling made from metal, walnut, oak, and fumed larch. Lastly, the tower’s 36-foot atrium stairs, made entirely of walnut, create a truly unique and breathtaking space.

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