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Globe Life Field

Arlington, Texas

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Globe Life Field – A Work of Architectural Vision

Home to Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Texas Rangers since 2020, the Globe Life Field is truly a work of architectural vision.

According to the MLB, the site was built to improve the comfort of fans sitting under hot summer skies. This is why new facilities include a state-of-the-art 5.5-acre retractable roof made up of ETFE panels, allowing natural light to pour into the facility. Providing shade and cooler temperatures, this is the largest single-panel operable roof in the world, weighing an impressive 24 million pounds.

Beaubois was one of three woodworking specialists contributing to this landmark project, a construction process that required 5 million total man hours and relied on the tallest crane available in the U.S. The team worked throughout the building to integrate wall paneling, tamo veneer cabinet doors for food stations, and modular etimoe shelving units in over 110 club and suite spaces. To install an impressive walnut burl veneer and maple bar featuring a stone countertop, Beaubois and a local stone supplier collaborated closely to provide a perfect fit. In the executive and owner’s offices of the administrative building, as well as the lobby and conference rooms, the team integrated high-end architectural woodwork made from walnut burl.

As a nod to the rich history of the Rangers and their home state, the Globe Life project incorporated fun, local materials used in creative ways. To match the Texas Rangers colour palate, Beaubois helped to develop stained tamo wood, designed to look like cowboy jeans. These were used to build modular shelving in the suites. The team also crafted unforgettable accent walls made from baseball batts, baseballs, glass, and blackened bronze. Other work includes, driftwood built into suite entrances and an oversized printed and backlit Texas Rangers logo spanning an entire ceiling.

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