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The MetLife Stadium – a touchdown for Beaubois

Beaubois was proud to contribute to the construction of a new stadium for New York’s two National League Football (NFL) teams, the Giants and the Jets. The cost of demolishing the old stadium and constructing the new one was close to $1.3 billion (USD). The Beaubois team provided unique woodwork furnishings for 200 suites in the vast new arena, as well as the Commissioner’s Club and the Giants Players’ Room.

Four different fit-ups were designed for the suites, and each of them feature Beaubois’ masterful wood ceilings, counters, cupboards, bars and benches. The Commissioner’s Club, a spacious reception hall that can accommodate more than 300 people, features a bar/restaurant, a terrace and benches. The Beaubois team covered the walls in coffered panels for a breathtaking effect.

The Giants Players’ Room features 100 lockers in wood and benches for players and officiating teams. The woods selected for this project, primarily walnut and zebrawood, create a feeling of luxury throughout the space. This is the first time two teams from the same league have partnered to build a new stadium, and Beaubois was honored to participate in this all-star project.

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