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The Salem Probate & Family Court

Salem, Massachussetts

Architects /

Perry Dean Rogers | Partners Architects

General Contractor /

W.T. Rich, Company, Inc.



Project Cost /

$0M - $100M

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The Salem Probate & Family Court – a distinguished renewal

The Beaubois team worked carefully to recreate the previous wood furnishings of the Salem Probate & Family Courthouse, some dating back over 100 years. They carefully extracted the old wood furnishings, made from solid white and red oak, and often used photos as their guides for the creation of new architectural woodwork to suit the historic building.

Beaubois crafted and installed custom furnishings for the courtrooms including desks for judges, clerks and lawyers, as well as witness boxes, jury boxes, public seating and panels for the walls and ceilings. The team also contributed to the refurbishment of the public waiting areas and the restrooms, as well as the impressive pediment of the building that was designed to be almost identical to that of the old building.

With an investment of close to $50M, the new Salem Probate & Family Courthouse was designed according to LEED® Silver certification with efficient use of energy and recycled materials. Large windows allow for plenty of natural light to fill the building. While crafted with the accuracy of old-fashioned artisans, the architectural woodwork provided for this project is a reflection of Beaubois’ talent and mastery in the industry today.

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