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The Wake County Courthouse

Raleigh, North Carolina

Architects /

O’Brien / Atkins Associates & HOK

General Contractor /

Barnhill / Balfour Beatty

Project Cost /

$100M - $200M

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The Wake County Courthouse – building today, for tomorrow

The new Wake County Courthouse has been designed to accommodate the county’s growing judicial needs. The Beaubois team will provide custom-crafted furnishings for the 20 courtrooms. Quarter-cut cherry veneer insets will be artistically framed in hard wood to create furniture for judges’, bailiffs’ and lawyers’ desks as well as witness boxes and acoustic panels.

Beaubois will also cover the bridgework under all floors and window sills in the vast atrium of the courthouse. The firm will craft the furniture for the reception area and security stations, and will also create laminated plastic furniture required for the administrative sector.

Valued at $187.7M, the new courthouse will be equipped with the latest technology and will feature significant upgrades in security. The building will be constructed in accordance with LEED® certification standards and developers will use the Building Information Modeling (BIM) system, to which Beaubois will contribute its integrated designs. The impressive new courthouse will fill a judiciary need for the county today, and will grow with the community in the future.

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